Landing New Clients Through Digital Marketing and SEO In A Pandemic

Landing New Clients Through Digital Marketing and SEO In A Pandemic

How Hard is it to get new clients right now!? People are playing scared, hoarding cash or just plain hurting for it. There is a new reality in the world where many people are literally afraid to leave their homes. Amiiright? Brand North collectively believes that this is going to continue. And so should you. If you don't believe it you won't prepare for it... and what's the worst that's going to happen, your business becomes more well rounded as a result and it doesn't happen and consumers go back to behaving normally. The fact is, business is rapidly changing...we’re pressing the fast-forward button on technology. In this environment it's essential to reach people in their homes and not rely on word of mouth or walk in traffic. With millions of people staying at home to help stem the spread of the coronavirus, businesses are facing the unique challenge of attracting new customers with decreasing referrals that usually come from word of mouth. Hiring a well versed Digital Marketing Agency can fill that void in new client acquisition.

Word-of-mouth Referrals Shouldn't Be Relied Upon

It’s simple — customers aren’t engaging with other customers like they once were because they aren’t seeing each other. This means that referral patterns have been thrown off. A business that relied 80% on referrals are now nearing 50% or even 40%. The solution is to add more channels to draw in customers and digital marketing can help to fill that void.

Having Multiple Digital Channels That Can Help

Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO is still the best long term investment that any local business can make; it’s the most cost-effective way to engage new clients in the long term and can act as an annuity. While sometimes expensive to start,  it’s a great long-term investment if you find the right SEO partner.

Social Media Marketing

Getting social through platforms that already have your target customers is a great way to keep in touch with a loyal customer base. Share information that is truly helpful and answer questions.

Automated Follow Up

Keep in touch with existing clients and attract potential new clients. A lot of this can be automated.

Paid Advertising

Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads all offer paid ads. They can be expensive but can also give immediate results. If you have a strong website with a great user experience, sending paid traffic to it can be a great channel that can yield immediate results.

Having An Information Rich Blog

If your target customers have questions about your product or service, a great way to keep them informed is through a regularly updated blog that answers real questions and is relevant to their buying experience. This is something that will also help SEO and can be used as a sales resource.

Digital Marketing Summary For Local Businesses

The time is now to go digital. Doing good work will bring good and new customers but it might not be as much as before. In an economy that is becoming less personal by the day, it’s Essential for consumers to have multiple ways to find you. For more helpful marketing information, you can visit


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